Download an extension to learn more about Windows XP fonts

The Fonts folder, located in the Control Panel, provides a number of features you can use to keep track of the fonts installed on your Windows XP system. For example, on the View menu, you’ll find the List Fonts By Similarity command, which gives you a unique way to organize your fonts, and the Hide Variations command, which makes it easier to quickly discern available fonts by showing only one font from each family.

f you want to add more features to the Fonts folder, you can download the newest version (2.30) of the Font properties extension from Microsoft’s typography page.

After you download and install this extension, the number of tabs on each font’s properties dialog box will jump from 2 to 11, with each tab providing all kinds of information about the font. The information contained on these 11 tabs includes very detailed descriptions of each font, links to the font vendors and font designers, legal information, such as ownership, copyright, trademark, license, and embedding permissions, as well as technical information about the font.

Note: This tip is for both Windows XP Home and Professional.

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