Windows Server network troubleshooting tools

Troubleshooting can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily Microsoft provided some very useful command prompt tools in Windows  Server to help you troubleshoot network problems.

  • Arp — Displays the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache, and adds and removes MAC addresses from the cache.
  • Hostname — Displays the hostname of the local computer.
  • Ipconfig — Displays the TCP/IP configuration, renews the DHCP lease, purges the DNS cache, etc.
  • Nbtstat — Displays the statistics and connections of NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT) and troubleshoots NetBIOS name resolution problems.
  • Netstat — Displays the statistics for current TCP/IP connections.
  • Netdiag — Performs some simple network tests.
  • Network Monitor — Captures and displays all packets on the network.
  • Nslookup — Troubleshoots the DNS.
  • Pathping — Route-tracing tool that combines the features of ping and tracert.
  • Ping — Sends ECHO packets to verify that TCP/IP is configured and that remote systems are available.
  • Route — Displays the IP routing table and adds and deletes IP routes.
  • Tracert — Traces a route to remote systems.

Some additional tools can be found in the Windows Server Resource Kit:

  • Netset — Configures a variety of network parameters from the command line.
  • Getmac — Displays the physical MAC address of network cards.
  • Wntipcfg — Serves as a GUI version of the command line’s Ipconfig.
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