Enabling IPP in Windows

When you install Internet Information Services (IIS) under Windows 2000 Professional, Setup doesn’t automatically configure your printers to enable printing to them from across the Internet (IPP, or Internet printing protocol), as does Server. Fortunately, setting it up under Pro is fairly easy.

  1. After you install IIS on the Pro system, open the IIS console
  2. Right-click the Web site where you want to add printing capability (such as the Default site), and choose New | Virtual Directory to start the Virtual Directory wizard.
  3. Under the site, add a virtual directory with an alias of “Printers” that points to %systemroot%\Web\printers.
  4. Set the permissions to include Read and Run Scripts.
  5. Next, open the Properties sheet for the Printers virtual folder, and click the Documents tab.
  6. Click Add, enter the name page1.asp, and click OK.
  7. Move page1.asp to the top of the list using the up arrow button on the dialog box. Click OK to apply the change.
  8. From a client machine on the LAN or on the Internet, connect to http://site/printers, where site is the IP address or domain name of the site where you added the virtual directory. If you can’t see the printers from the client browser, stop and restart the Web site in the IIS console.
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