Did You Know – They Are Recording Everything Now

They Even Know Whats In This Post!
If you don’t already know, the governments and ISP’s around the world are tightening their grasp and monitoring everything.
The Trump administration just revoked the Internet Privacy act so now all the ISP’s can and are recording everything you do online.  
They are logging everything, they are recording your Social Security Number, your health details, financial information as well as your browsing data and the contents of your emails!
This is not just limited to the USA. Australia, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, heck the entire EU, Asia and most of the middle East have already done this.
You can get busted for things you do now, years in the future since it is all recorded and stored.
Be vigilant with your online anonymity my friends. You should be doing the following
  1. Always use a VPN. Get one here
  2. Encrypt private emails using PGP
  3. Don’t post shit on Reddit unless the account is linked to an anonymous email and your using a VPN.
  4. Mix your bitcoins.
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