Creating a Suspend mode shortcut for Windows

On the Advanced tab of the Power Options dialog box, Windows XP provides you
with several built-in shortcuts for putting your computer in Suspend
mode-either Standby or Hibernation. These shortcuts allow you to reconfigure
the operation performed when pressing either the Power or Sleep buttons. (If
you’ve enabled the Hibernation feature, using these shortcuts will put your
computer into hibernation mode. If you haven’t, using these shortcuts will
put your computer into standby mode.)

However, if you wish to expand your alternatives, you can create a standard
shortcut that will put your computer in Suspend mode. You can the put the
shortcut on your desktop or place it on the Quick Launch bar, where you can
easily put your computer in a suspended state with a click of your mouse.

Here’s how:

a.. Right-click the desktop and select New | Shortcut.
b.. When the Create Shortcut wizard’s location text box appears, type
rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState
c.. Give the shortcut a name like Suspend Now!

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