Create quick shortcuts to Explorer in Windows

You may already know how to use command-line options with Windows Explorer (Explorer.exe) to specify the folder in which Explorer starts, have it focus on a particular folder or file, and other options. But if you simply want to know how to make Explorer open a specific folder or volume in Windows each time, there’s an easy method.

For example, assume you keep most of your documents on drive D: for reasons of performance or disk space, and you want Explorer to open in that folder each time automatically. While you could modify the shortcut that starts Explorer from the Start menu, there is an easier way to achieve the same result.

First, create a shortcut on the Quick Start toolbar to the volume or folder. To do so:

  1. Right-drag the volume or folder to the Quick Start toolbar to the right of the Start menu on the taskbar.
  2. Choose Create Shortcut Here.
  3. When you want to open the folder as a folder window, just click the icon.
  4. When you want to open the folder as a two-pane Explorer window, hold down [Shift] and click the icon on the Quick Start toolbar.
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