Adding options to the Send To menu in Windows

How many times have you wished you had an easier way to open programs that have no application association? You double-click an unassociated file and Windows pops up the Open With dialog, prompting you to specify the application you want to use to open the file. Each time you have to scroll through the list to find the program, and chances are you pick either Notepad or WordPad. Gets old, doesn’t it?

There’s an easier way. Add Notepad or WordPad to the Send To menu, then right-click the item, choose Send To, followed by the destination. Here’s how to add Notepad to the menu. You can add nearly any other program or folder in the same way.

Open Explorer and browse to \Documents and Settings\user\SendTo or \%systemroot%\Profiles\user\SendTo, depending on whether you did a clean install or upgrade of Windows. The folder is hidden, so you’ll need to configure folder options to enable you to see hidden objects. Create a shortcut in the Send To folder to the application or shortcut you want to add to the menu. You can simply right-drag an object to the folder and choose Create Shortcut(s) Here or right-click and choose New | Shortcut to start a wizard that will help you create it.

With the shortcut added to the folder, the application or folder will appear on the Send To menu. Next time you want to open an unassociated document, simply right-click the document and choose Send To | Notepad.

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