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Phishing gets more dangerous for 2016

In January, Wombat Security Technologies released its 2016 State of the Phish report, detailing the current phishing landscape. The research report found that, while these phishing attacks are growing in sheer number, they are also growing in their complexity based … Continue reading

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Running legacy web apps on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge, Windows 10’s new default web browser, doesn’t support ActiveX, DirectX filters, VML vector graphics, or VBScript. But upgrading to Windows 10 doesn’t mean your organization’s legacy web apps won’t work. To ensure that Windows 10 was compatible with … Continue reading

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Free tools for managing partitions

Most modern operating systems contain built-in tools for creating, deleting, or resizing partitions. But many users find that third-party tools make these types of tasks easier, since such tools might not have the same limitations as a native partition management … Continue reading

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