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Data recovery tools that could save the day

There are a lot of ways to lose critical data — like hardware failure, an OS crash, a user error, or a malicious attack. If it happens to you, one of these tools may help you get that data back. … Continue reading

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Expect massive spikes in global security threats for 2015

Increases of global information security threats remain as much a certainty as death and taxes, at least according to the latest Information Security Survey from PWC. That report, which was published in October, highlights several troublesome trends and provides valuable … Continue reading

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Five apps for House Cleaning your systems

All systems, be they desktops, laptops, smartphones, or tablets need a little cleaning now and then. Sometimes the cleaning is just a simple riding various caches or deleting unwanted files. Other times, the cleaning is deeper and more involved. No … Continue reading

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Five Free web-based apps for Real-time graphs

Creating graphs is easy — grab your favorite spreadsheet program, enter some data, and use the chart wizard. What’s more difficult is creating those graphs to be published on the web based on dynamic data. Plenty of options are available … Continue reading

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